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Waco --> Wa + Co --> Water Continuum war in Texas


Nature's provided scientists with a signaling EVENTs  in TEXAS.


Expression  EVENT of the Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear family -->

Waco --> Water  Compound

Waco --> Water  Continuum

Waco --> Water  communications

Waco -->  Water code

--> molecular computer code …

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The Wisconsin axon map of the EARTH brain system using the geography surface of the living EARTH cells.

Rd-blog-number-3491  by Herb Zinser

The axon  map of the EARTH brain system using  the geography surface of the living EARTH cell is best explained by empirical data.  This database  is available in newspapers and  college textbooks ... information available at any bookstore or newspaper outlet.…

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The biochemistry Lac operand SYMBOL expressions using proper nouns on the geography surface of the living EARTH cell



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The Charles Law violations of Virginia TECH result in Norris Engineering Hall shooting battle



What Is The Formula For Charles' Law? - Chemistry - › ... › General ChemistryChemistry FAQs

Charles' Law is a special case of the ideal gas law. This law only applies to ideal gases held at a constant pressure allowing only the volume …

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E2 Nightclub – ENZYME Dance of Death

From the Z-papers by Herb Zinser

Paper  529 covers  molecular cell biology --->  social expressions and social signaling ERROR messages.

  Thus the  E2  Nightclub  –  ENZYME  Dance of  Death  at the living EARTH cell address location  of 

2347 S.  Michigan Avenue of ENZYMATIC Reactio…

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The Double Hell of the Korean War , year 1953, and the emergence of the Double Helix


The  INTERNAL  biology Double-Helix   has some some interesting relationship with the EXTERNAL world   ... such as human activities and conflicts  on the geography surface of EARTH  ..... and the  DH = Double-Helix social law and legal languages written in secret code  by bioche…

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Thermodynamic Properties of the Elements of Style by William Strunk


Darwinian  evolution of existence continues ... and how includes new evolution formats of expression.  The evolution of atoms  and mathematical-physics structures has existed for millions of years.   This evolution occurs within the atomic /astrophysics continuum on EARTH LAB.  …

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DNA Guanine Adenine - Grocery Store Price 99 centrifugal cents


The DNA nucleotide ordered shooting of Gabby Giffords outside a grocery store provides us with CLUES about social chemistry and social bio-chemsitry manipulation tricks approved by citizens and governments.

The GG battle --> Guanine Grocery battle with Darwinian selecti…

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Max Planck and the Wisconsin TIME HIGHWAY I-43


A review of the Earth atomic geography surface reveals some curious data about the STATE of  Wisconsin.

The earth  surface  ...from a solar system point of view  ...... appears like a  orbital shell as decribed in a  basic college chemisitry or physics book.

electron shells sketch


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Project Plan Z and the Science Wars.

The Science Wars are a hidden war, occasionally mentioned in books. The SCIENCE WARS are really an extension of the 1898 book by H.G.Wells (The War of the Worlds) supplemented by the warning signals of the authors of: Brave New World, 1984, Future Shock, etc. Most newspapers avoid direct discussion …

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